Every community is uniquely impacted by climate change. We are experiencing long term changes in temperature, rainfall and sea level rise and more extreme weather and this is affecting day to day life in Scotland.

Many communities are experiencing damage to homes, disruption to travel and local services and changes in the natural environment.

Addressing climate change may seem like a massive challenge on top of all other things you are already working on as a community – it is complex, interconnected and it isn’t always easy to know where to start. But it is both crucial and possible to build resilience and adapt to the changing climate whilst tackling other important issues in your community such as such as housing and neighbourhoods, getting around, and skills and employment.

Whatever kind of community you are, there are things you can do to build resilience and prepare for climate change and at the same time make your place healthier, safer and more comfortable to live in for human and other creatures alike.

Adaptation Scotland’s key resource to support communities in adapting to climate change is our pioneering Community Climate Adaptation Routemap, a practical guide for communities to adapt to climate change. The Routemap is split into three distinctive stages to launch then drive climate resilience in your community:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding climate change in your community
  • Taking action

At each stage of the Routemap you will find helpful advice including approaches and tools for:

  • Getting started on climate adaptation:
    • Key questions to consider, such as what resources you have as group, what your main activities are and how are these affected by climate change
    • Local Authority Climate Contact Directory to find out what your local council might already be doing about climate change adaptation and resilience
    • Links to existing groups that might support your action
  • Understanding climate change in your community
    • Accessible information on how Scotland is affected by climate change now and in the future
    • Tools for opening up a discussion on which of the effects of climate change are most relevant to your place, such as Participatory mapping, Adaptation personas, Climate Ready Places and many others
    • A simple template for discussing and noting who and what needs to be protected in your community
  • Taking action
    • There are a number of different actions that a community group can take, depending on your resources and priorities. There are 20 actions to help your community adapt and become resilient whilst also addressing other important issues. There are actions that can help you adapt to climate change impacts, like flooding, overheating, coastal erosion, drought, extreme weather; as well as shorter- and longer-term things to focus on.

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