A changing climate will impact communities across Scotland. Many communities are already experiencing extreme weather that causes damage to homes, disrupts travel and key local services, whether it is intense rainfall leading to flooding or high winds and storms causing damage.

Communities can take many actions to prepare for the short term impacts of a changing climate. It is also important to build resilience for the longer term and be prepared for the opportunities that a changing climate can bring, for example increased outdoor opportunities during warmer and drier summers.

Communities cannot adapt in isolation. They need to work with others at a local and national level. Communities bring a wealth of local knowledge and experience in coping with adverse weather events. This is vital in planning and taking action to prepare for future climate change. For longer term adaptation individuals and communities need to collaborate with agencies and organisations, for example those responsible for managing flood risk or planners responsible for greenspace. We have found it helpful for facilitators or brokers to work with the community and organisations to think about how to organise this collaboration.

All adaptation projects are different, depending on the place and the resources available. There is no one-size-fits-all. But there are many inspiring examples of great work. In setting out to explore impacts of climate change and how your community can respond, it may be helpful to secure funding up front. A potential source of funding is the Climate Challenge Fund, in particular the CCF ideas bank.

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