Workshops 2015

The 2015 Adaptation Learning Exchange ran an introductory programme of three workshops on defining the challenge, values-based communications and the consequences of weather and climate.

1) Defining the challenge

The first workshop with the new ALE members was held on the 24 June. Participants from six organisations met in Glasgow to gain a better understanding of the adaptation process, to hear the adaptation experiences and perspectives from other organisations, and to ascertain what each member wanted to achieve through the introductory programme. Highlights from the day included a presentation from Stirling Council about their adaptation journey so far and how they have embedded climate change on the corporate risk register, in addition to a new resource, known as Climate Ready Places. The resource, a set of images depicting different landscapes, illustrates each landscape as adapted and unadapted. These images provided interesting discussions around the different adaptation intiatives that could be implemented.

2) Values-based communications

The second ALE workshop was held in Edinburgh on the 26 August. The aim of the day was to encourage further collaboration amongst the participants by identifying those working on similar tasks and to help participants think differently about communicating on climate change by examining the role of values-based communications. Jamie Clarke, Executive Director from the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) introduced the concept and principles for identifying an individuals' values and helped the participants to develop key messages using the values.

3) The consequences of weather and climate

Workshop 3 in the 2015 introductory ALE programme was helde in Dundee on 20 October. The aim was to understand how weather impacts differ in different places, how severe weather events currently impact us in direct and indirect ways and how severe weather event impacts will be exacerbated with future climate change.