​Values-based communications

The Adaptation Learning Exchange held its second workshop on Friday 12th September at Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh.

While the first workshop started to look at communicating adaptation and building the business case, the second workshop focused specifically on the role of values-based communications.

Jamie Clarke, Executive Director from the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) introduced the concept and principles for successful values-based climate communication and ran a seminar to help participants develop their own messages.

Jamie presented seven basic rules for communicating climate adaptation:

  1. Always think 'who am I speaking to'?
  2. Understand and speak to their values
  3. Avoid 'environmentalist' messages
  4. Make climate change feel here and now
  5. Offer a clear reward
  6. Tell an inspiring story
  7. Use trusted messengers and peer networks
Project downloads
2014_ALEWorkshop_2_presentation.pdf(PDF format - 3,350.45 KB)

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