Workshops 2014

The Adaptation Learning Exchange was established in 2014. Three workshops were run between June and December. These were:

1) Communicating adaptation and building the business case

This workshop included presentations and discussions on an introduction to climate change adaptation, transformation and leadership, communicating adaptation, mapping your challenges and finding your allies. As this was the first occasion that all participants had met collectively, the workshop was designed to enable participants to understand more about each other’s goals, challenges and successes, to make connections and to inform the content and format of future ALE workshops.

2) Values-based communications

The second workshop focused specifically on the role of values-based communications. Jamie Clarke, Executive Director from the Climate Outreach & Information Network (COIN) introduced the concept and principles for successful values-based climate communication and ran a seminar to help participants develop their own messages.

3) Designing engagement

During the third workshop, participants participated in a strategic design seminar led by Wendy Faulkner from Talking Tweed. The seminar was designed to help participants develop strategic plans to engage with other services or departments and to develop an adaptation strategy.

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