External tools and resources

There is a wealth of tools and resources available to assist organisations, businesses and communities to understand their vulnerability to climate change and to start taking actions to adapt.

UKCIP – who work at the boundary between scientific research, policy making and adaptation practice, has developed a range of tools and resources which are available through their website. A selection of these are listed below together with other useful resources. Adaptation Scotland uses and promotes many of UKCIP’s tools. They also provide a basis for developing Scottish specific tools and resources.

UKCIP’s Adaptation Wizard

The Wizard is an interactive tool which takes organisations through a 5-step process to help assess vulnerability to current and future climate change; identify options to address key climate risks and opportunities; and help develop a climate change adaptation strategy.

UKCIP’s Business Areas Climate Impacts Assessment Tool (BACLIAT)

BACLIAT is a workshop-based process to help you consider the potential impacts of future climate change on your organisation. It focuses on six broad business areas that can be applied to any type of business: markets, logistics, process, finance, people and premises.

UKCIP’s Local CLimate Impact Profile (LCLIP)

LCLIP is a tool designed to help organisations assess their exposure to weather. Visit the LCLIP project findings section of the website to view information about the completed Scottish LCLIP projects.

A handbook of climate trends across Scotland

Scotland's Climate Trends Handbook describes the changes in weather patterns experienced in Scotland over the last century, with many records extending back to 1910. This text provides key summary information from the handbook and focuses on trends since 1961.

SSN Climate Change portal

The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) Climate Change Portal sets out the context in which public sector action on climate change takes place. It provides information on climate change science as well as links to relevant resources and presents a summary of the frameworks, agreements and legislation.

UKCIP’s A Changing Climate For Business

This report provides an introduction to climate change impacts and adaptation for a general business audience. The booklet includes a section outlining the business case for adaptation and some advice, illustrated with case studies, on becoming a well-adapting business.

UKCIP’s Costing the Impacts of Climate Change

This costings methodology helps you to calculate the costs of climate impacts and describes how to compare these to the costs of adaptation measures.